First I meant to single out a photo and compliment you, but all of your bird images are stunning/beautiful – and the patience and steadiness that you bring to bear in capturing these moments. Bravo...I hope images like that contribute to our and the next generation(s) effective work to keep protecting nature, instead of destruction.
Robin photo(non-registered)
Just to let you know we've left you a private message on Flickr regarding one of your photos. Please feel free to email us ~ Jane Adams
karim hasanov(non-registered)
cute Barn Owl pictures where you take it
rifa kwarisky(non-registered)
nice photo andrew thanks for sharing
jenita husen(non-registered)
nice photo Andrew I'm Waiting for more:)
nadia ali(non-registered)
what awsome beauty love it all photo
Chris Brinlow(non-registered)
Where did you take the Barn Owl pictures?
Chris Brinklow(non-registered)
Just spent a wet Sunday afternoon looking through Your photographs
Professional Level images
Keep them coming
Gerry Brown(non-registered)
WWT member and have met you at Brandon but never before viewed your website. Just spent an afternoon transfixed and amazed by the clarity and beauty of your images. Thank you for allowing me to share them.
Chris Brinlow(non-registered)
typo (settings for tracking)!
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